3 Things To Know When Finding Chinchilla For Sale

chinchilla for saleChinchilla for sale is all in the buzz lately as a result of the brand-new popularity of having them as pets. It looks quite adorable and is very low maintenance to take care of even though it can live up to 20 years. That is why it is not a surprise that a lot of people wishes to have it as a pet. But before you find one for sale, there are things to look out for before the purchase.

1. What to Look For When Buying

  1. Eyes should be bright, wide-open and with no signs of discharge or flattening of fur around them. Watch for watery or pasty eyes, as they indicate health problems.
  2. Ears and nose must be clean and dry. Ears should be almost odorless.
  3. Watch for genital and anal regions to be clean, dry and free from soiling.
  4. Fur should be velvety and plushy-looking with no matted or bald areas.
  5. The chinchilla should feel firm, solid and certainly not bony when handled.
  6. The front incisors should be even and chisel-shaped, and a yellow to orange color if the chin is adult or light yellow if the chin is below 6 months.
  7. Droppings should be looking normal dark, smooth, plump and oval.

2. Which Special Breed – White Chinchilla For Sale

white chinchilla for saleLooking for a special breed or a cute white chinchilla for sale? One of the main things that make chins so appealing are all the different colors they are come in. And most people like the white breed.

The Standard Grey is the original color, which comes from the mutation of the wild type. And, that is where all other color mutations have been generated from. A Standard Grey variation has a coat of dark gray down the back as well as sides and also a bright white underbelly.

Since in the 1950’s, there have been more color mutations emerged. White was the very first color to show itself as a Mosaic in 1955. This initial color variation was a male subjecting the White genetics, produced from 2 Standard Grey chins as well as recorded as 44R-B17 (44R= ranch code, B= year designation for 1955, 17= trash number).

Whites are the most notorious for changing colour as they grow. The mosaics in particular tend to be born dark then lighten or vice versa. There are many, many versions of the white chinchilla. Wilson White, Silver and White Mosaic are the most common but there are many others type like Black/White Cross, Ebony White, White Violet, White Sapphire, Pink White and Golden Mosaic.

3. Where To Get Chinchilla Pets For Sale

chinchilla pets for saleSo where to get chinchilla pets for sale? After doing your research, you finally decided and prepared to get a chin. But now you are faced with a lot of different alternatives on where to get your brand-new pet. Every person is different, so nobody will evaluate you on where you found your pet. What is more important is that every one of them deserves a home no matter where they originated from.

These are the most common ways to get a chin:

  • Online Chinchilla classifieds (Craigslist and Kijiji/ebay classified)
  • Pet Stores
  • Breeders


Chinchilla Classifieds

A lot of time, online Chinchilla classifieds like Ebay Classified, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc. will have many people that need to sell their chins for a different kind of reasons. For example, people that are relocating, breeders, backyard breeders, rescues and accidental babies from mix-sexed ones. Some are more desperate and need to find a home fast; while others may only wish to recover the cash they invested in their pet. Like shelters, some of these chins are not in the best form. Some could have a selection of health problems, mental issues and also trust fund issues.

It is regrettable yet the real truth that there are a lot of pathetic looking ones on on-line advertisement websites. You could not figure out where they came from or just how old it is. It is really up to you to justify whether getting that chin out from its current situation is more important as compared to knowing all the details. A lot of times, these little pets can come with a range of dangerous playthings and also cages. They need to be thrown or kept away from the chins.

Sometimes, people may want to recover the money they have spent earlier on their chinchillas. Because family pet stores sell for a whole lot, sometimes these people have very high expectations. You could always give the offer you think is fair.

Pet Stores

You can find many different types of chinchilla for sale Petco and at PetSmart, where they have beautiful and tame ones bred in captivity. The ones for sale PetSmart and at Petco are not taken from the wild and are not victims of wild animal trade so you can be sure that the chins from them are safe to handle and would make great pets.

Though it is suggested to buy your pet from a reliable breeder, you could still buy from these widely known as well as reputable shops. Nevertheless, there are some things to think about before purchasing a chin from a pet store.

Not knowing where it originated from, or any family history that may consist of health issues; are among the most significant concerns. Also, you will pay a whole lot more at a pet store for a chinchilla instead of from a breeder for a family pet. Also, your chin might be stressed a lot more because of not being handled appropriately and being bothered many times by different individuals.

Pet shops are where people do the most impulse buying. Sometimes, people will buy the little one merely because they see baby chins are cute. A lot of pet shops do not teach the buyers and will surely not provide any follow-up assistance. They are a business nevertheless, and also are there only to make cash. Till there are laws to stop pets sold at animal shops, they will continue to have baby chinchilla for sale.

Chinchilla Breeders

How to make sure that you are dealing with good chinchilla breeders? Take a look at the chins, are they healthy looking? Look cleaned? Their cages should be tidy, and also there need not be a smell aside from shavings and also hay. Also, examine that the temperature level is managed. Some breeders will not let you see their chin barn or rooms to guarantee absolutely nothing happens to their herd and if so, you can inquire about those things.

A few other basic concerns to ask breeders:

  • Can I see the moms and dads?
  • How often do they reproduce?
  • Do you handle your kits or babies daily?
  • Do you have a guarantee?
  • If so, just what is your guarantee?
  • What kind of feed do you utilize?
  • Are they pedigreed?
  • Does the breeder belong to a Chinchilla Group such as ECBC or MCBA?

Good breeders not just offer a lot of follow-up care and will normally always be readily available for questions; they are also much cheaper than pet shops. Many breeders will certainly take back a chin if something happen and you could no longer maintain it. You ought to inquire about that before acquiring one as well as ask the policy on such things.

Likewise, look online for any clues concerning the breeders. Google their name, check into forums and see just what others are saying regarding them. You could always ask others too if they have acquired chins from any of the breeders.

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